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Orange Ventures is a holding company owned by media entrepreneur, Jens Kunath. The company focus is on shareholdings in web-based business models, and in digital publishing, online marketing and the sale of online services in particular.

Orange Ventures generally holds a majority stake or established the company itself. The company has its headquarters in Hamburg’s vibrant Schanze district.

More than 200 people work for Orange Ventures shareholdings, and turnover in the double-digit million euros range is generated every year.

The first shareholding, CARE Verlag, was established back in 1993.





Establishment of CARE Verlag Jens Kunath is Managing Director of the Dino-Online search engine that is later rebranded as freenet.de AG and listed on the stock market. Establishment of orangemedia.de GmbH




Sale of the shares in orangemedia.de GmbH to the Ströer Group Jens Kunath spends the next few years working as a Business Angel, and acquires more than 20 minority shareholdings in start-up businesses. Establishment of Ad2.0 Internet GmbH




Establishment of aha.de Internet GmbH Establishment of unternehmensvideos.de Establishment of Content Media




Share in NativeAds Complete takeover of Performance
Network GmbH (Holtzbrinck Digital) by
aha.de Internet GmbH
Fusion of NativeAds GmbH with the seeding Alliance GmbH




Share in E2Ma GmbH Share in upValue GmbH Formation of The Performance Network Group GmbH




Merging of aha.de, performance network, E2Ma, upValue into The Performance Network Group Takeover of Kiosk Media through E2Ma GmbH 2016 Participation in Blueface Media GmbH


CARE Verlag has 8.6 million email addresses from premium target group portals at its disposal. The fields covered in these portals are automotive, travel, stockmarkets/finances, shopping, celebrities/women, film/leisure, and prize draws. Because the publishing house also affords extension information on its subscribers, it is able to access these contacts across all mailing lists and to make versatile target group information available to its advertising customers for their advertising campaigns – classified by gender, age, region/postcode or interests, for example.

The Performance Network Group GmbH is the joint holding company of Orange Ventures and Dirk Ströer’s Media Ventures for the field of online marketing. It brings together four previously independent companies: aha.de Internet GmbH, which has been established in the newsletter segment for many years, and marketing specialist up-value GmbH have formed part of the Orange Ventures / Media Ventures portfolio for some time now. The Performance Network Group GmbH was added in 2014, with E2Ma GmbH additionally acquired in December 2015. The acquisition of E2Ma GmbH, which specialises in leads for direct marketing and market research, perfectly complements the comprehensive portfolio of the newly-founded The Performance Network Group GmbH. Within the new structure, the marketing specialist generates annual turnover totalling more than 15 million euros. The fields of IT services, software development and finance have been pooled across the group within The Performance Network Group GmbH umbrella, and constitute the group-wide added value for the sales brands, which remain independent.

With its approx. 8.7 million email addresses, Hamburg-based aha.de counts among the leading agencies in the field of email marketing. The email addresses available for marketing purposes mostly originate from the company’s target group portals. The editorial content for the countless websites operated by aha.de is created in-house and covers the topics of women (ForHer.de), fashion (Fashion-Magazin.de), lifestyle (FashionLounge.de), shopping and consumers (Getestet.de), sport (Bestgolf.de), and finance (Geld-Magazin.de, Aktienjournal.de).

E2Ma has been generating consumer profiles for direct marketing and market research companies for 15 years now. A variety of themed, incentivised online surveys compile the consumer data exactly meeting the requirements and expectations of the company’s many customers. The survey respondents indicate their specific interest in the products or services of the customer, who has commissioned a particular question. The respondent data is obtained by means of the double opt-in procedure. As such, E2Ma customers have consumers’ consent and may use their data for advertising purposes. E2Ma thus provides consumer data optimally tailored to customers’ needs with the highest possible quality standards. To date, E2Ma has more than 300 satisfied customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and cooperates with over 500 partners within the scope of the surveys.

performance network GmbH based in Munich sees itself as a full service provider for holistic performance marketing. It offers its customers cross-media lead generation and online marketing in the fields of email marketing, affiliate marketing, display marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, and TV and billboard advertising. mailandsale, the specialist for digital dialogue (email campaigns, email address marketing, and email mailing management), also operates within this umbrella brand.

up-value GmbH is an international digital marketing network with offices in Heidelberg and Düsseldorf. The company’s core business lies in the marketing of standard and specialised advertising formats in premium environments with a wide reach. up-value maintains long-term partnerships with its customers, who welcome this high-quality campaign approach on both the national and international levels. up-value GmbH focuses on developing specific campaign strategies based on performance and branding parameters. At the same time, advertisers and advertising agencies benefit equally from a unique campaign performance. Thus up-value runs targeted, performance-driven advertising campaigns within the scope of display, video and mobile advertising, and successfully implements these for advertising agencies and advertisers. Emphasis is placed on the performance-based campaign segment. In-house technology optimised according to the campaign aims agreed. In conjunction with qualitative features in the campaign approach, this optimisation basis leads to the significant enhancement of success monitoring. Moreover, the company positions itself in the field of innovative campaign approaches. Moving image formats with a cross-media reach – desktop and mobile traffic – are business fields experiencing exponential growth and will in future form an integral part of up-value’s portfolio. Strategically long-term, solid partnerships with reputable publishers and networks in addition to links to global ad exchanges form the basis of up-value GmbH’s operative business.

Blue Face Media GmbH is an agency specialising in social media marketing. It does not understand Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms to purely be communication platforms and independent microcosms, but rather sees them as profitable opportunities to transfer and achieve all KPIs of corporate communication. Blue Face Media affords in-depth knowledge of the technical procedures and processes that have provided invaluable potential in the implementation of Facebook advertising strategies and KPI-oriented campaigns.

E2Ma GmbH holds a majority share in Blue Face Media GmbH, which therefore also forms part of The Performance Network Group GmbH.

Seeding Alliance GmbH is the first point of contact for publishers and advertisers regarding all aspects of blog marketing, native advertising, social seeding and video seeding. As a technology leader, we support advertisers and publishers in the automatic, seamless and digital publication of advertorials, which appear as high-quality articles in an editorial context tailored to the target group. The powerful services offered by Seeding Alliance allow publishers and advertisers to maintain complete control at all times and to integrate texts, images and videos into the appropriate environments. With over 12,000 authentic blogs and more than 190 million visits, we offer our customers one of the largest potential reaches for blog marketing and viral seeding with our marketing portfolio. We believe that influencer management should be considered a campaign task.

Contentmedia has its headquarters in Hamburg’s Schanze district and employs a team of more than 20 internet experts. The company focus is on PR packages for small and medium-sized companies. These PR packages help to significantly enhance familiarity with the company and to boost their online visibility.


Advertorial.de specialises in the marketing of online advertorials for strong publishing brands. The Handelsblatt, FOCUS and Frankfurter Rundschau count among the partners.

NativeAds has developed technology for the scaling of content bookings. With NativeAds, editorial placements can automatically be posted in thematically-appropriate environments via an AdServer. These placements are automatically adapted to the publisher’s layout, and the results can be measured and evaluated using the AdServer technology. This allows advertising customers to deliver content marketing campaigns on several publishers simultaneously for the first time, and to invoice for these using standard methods such as CPM or CPC.

Unternehmensvideos.de produces promotional videos for small and medium-sized businesses. From low-budget productions for use on company websites and social media channels through to professional corporate presentations and television adverts, the complete range of options is covered.

Kiosk Media combines classical online marketing with creative social media.

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